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ExtractDlg Class Reference

#include <extractdlg.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Extract options
Robert Rockers

Definition at line 34 of file extractdlg.h.

Public Member Functions

QString extractDir ()
 ExtractDlg (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=FALSE, WFlags fl=0)
KURL getFile ()
bool isCurrentDir ()
void setFile (const KURL &url, const QString &comp)

Protected Slots

void languageChange ()
void slotOK ()

Protected Attributes

QSpacerItem * Horizontal_Spacing2
QGridLayout * layout5
QGridLayout * layout6
QGridLayout * MyDialogLayout
QSpacerItem * spacer29

Private Slots

void slotExtractCheck ()
void slotFinishAction ()
void slotOutputMessages (KProcess *, char *buffer, int buflen)

Private Member Functions

virtual void execute (const char *file)

Private Attributes

QPushButton * buttonCancel
QButtonGroup * buttonGroup1
QPushButton * buttonOk
QLabel * DirName_label
QString extractCompress
QRadioButton * extractCurrent_radio
QRadioButton * extractDir_radio
QLabel * FileName_label
KURLRequester * kurlrequest
KShellProcess q
QString streamLine
QLabel * textLabel3
QLabel * textLabel4
QTextEdit * view_extractfiles

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