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Kconfigure Class Reference

#include <kconfigure.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Main Function

Robert Rockers

Definition at line 48 of file kconfigure.h.

Public Slots

void openURL (const KURL &url)

Public Member Functions

 Kconfigure (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, WFlags f=WDestructiveClose)
void setActionMode (bool isRun, bool stop)
 ~Kconfigure ()

Protected Member Functions

bool queryExit ()

Private Slots

void openURLnew ()
void slotClearAll ()
void slotClearError ()
void slotClearMain ()
void slotExecuteCheckInstallRoot ()
void slotExecuteConfigure ()
void slotExecuteConfigure_Args ()
void slotExecuteConfigure_Help ()
void slotExecuteInstall ()
void slotExecuteInstallRoot ()
void slotExecuteMake ()
void slotExecuteMake_Args ()
void slotExecuteMake_Clean ()
void slotExecuteQmake ()
void slotExecuteQmake_Args ()
void slotFinishAction ()
void slotKillProcess ()
void slotLogClear ()
void slotLogSave ()
void slotLogStart ()
void slotLogView ()
void slotMenuConfigure ()
void slotMenuConfigureKeys ()
void slotMenuConfigureToolbar ()
void slotMenuQuit ()
void slotMenuToggleToolBar ()
void slotOpenTerminal ()
void slotOutputMessages (KProcess *, char *buffer, int buflen)
void slotOutputMessagesError (KProcess *, char *buffer, int buflen)
void slotReadCHANGELOG ()
void slotReadINSTALL ()
void slotReadREADME ()
void slotResult (KIO::Job *job)
void slotSelectExecuteInstall ()
void slotSelectInstall ()
void slotSetInstallOption ()

Private Member Functions

void configRead ()
void configWrite ()
void execute (const char *file)
void headerHTML (const QString &command)
void init ()
bool openExtractURL (const KURL &kurl, const QString &extVal)
void openViewFile (const QString &filename)
void setupMenuBar ()
void stop_time ()

Private Attributes

KAction * actionConfigure
KAction * actionConfigureArg
KAction * actionConfigureHelp
KAction * actionfilemenu_CHANGELOG
KAction * actionfilemenu_INSTALL
KAction * actionfilemenu_README
KAction * actionInstall
KSelectAction * actionInstallWhich
KAction * actionMake
KAction * actionMakeArg
KAction * actionMakeClean
KAction * actionQmake
KAction * actionQmakeArg
KAction * actionStop
KonqLogoAction * AnimatedLogo
bool FatalError
QString file_CHANGELOG
QString file_INSTALL
QString file_README
KToggleAction * filemenu_start_log
QString fileName
QString filePath
bool logHtml
bool logOn
QString logString
KShellProcess q
QDir qDir
KRecentFilesAction * recentFiles
QSplitter * s1
QString streamLine
QTime time
KToggleAction * toolbarAction
QMultiLineEdit * view_errors
QMultiLineEdit * view_main

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