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void Kconfigure::slotSetInstallOption (  )  [private, slot]

Our install option selection action

Install Options menu, hopefully this will let us select our install method on-the-fly

Definition at line 539 of file kconfigure.cpp.

References actionInstallWhich.

Referenced by setupMenuBar(), and slotMenuConfigure().


      KConfig *config = KGlobal::config();
      //get out list and make sure its ok/update
      QStringList list;

      list.append(i18n("Make Install"));
      list.append(i18n("User Install"));
      bool checkinstall = config->readBoolEntry( "Enable Checkinstall", false );
      int wInstall = config->readNumEntry( "Use Install", 1 );
      if( checkinstall ) { 
            list.append(i18n("Check Install")); 
      } else if( wInstall == 2 ) { wInstall = 0; } 
      //Set and use our configuration.
      actionInstallWhich->setCurrentItem( wInstall );



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