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void Kconfigure::configRead (  )  [private]

Read the config

Definition at line 281 of file kconfigure.cpp.

References filemenu_start_log, logHtml, logOn, recentFiles, s1, view_errors, and view_main.

Referenced by Kconfigure().

      KConfig *config = KGlobal::config();

      QSize *defaultSize = new QSize(350,400);
      this->resize( config->readSizeEntry("Geometry", defaultSize ) );
      s1->setSizes( config->readIntListEntry("Splitter_size") );

      QFont defaultFont(KGlobalSettings::generalFont());
      view_main->setFont( config->readFontEntry( "Font log", &defaultFont ) );
      view_errors->setFont( config->readFontEntry( "Font error", &defaultFont ) );

      logOn = config->readBoolEntry( "Log start", true );
      filemenu_start_log->setChecked( logOn );
      logHtml =   config->readBoolEntry( "Log in html", true );

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