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void Kconfigure::setupMenuBar (  )  [private]

Init the menu bar

Definition at line 90 of file kconfigure.cpp.

References actionfilemenu_CHANGELOG, actionfilemenu_INSTALL, actionfilemenu_README, actionInstallWhich, actionStop, AnimatedLogo, filemenu_start_log, openURL(), openURLnew(), recentFiles, setActionMode(), slotClearAll(), slotClearError(), slotClearMain(), slotExecuteConfigure(), slotExecuteConfigure_Args(), slotExecuteConfigure_Help(), slotExecuteMake(), slotExecuteMake_Args(), slotExecuteMake_Clean(), slotExecuteQmake(), slotExecuteQmake_Args(), slotKillProcess(), slotLogClear(), slotLogSave(), slotLogStart(), slotLogView(), slotMenuConfigure(), slotMenuConfigureKeys(), slotMenuConfigureToolbar(), slotMenuQuit(), slotMenuToggleToolBar(), slotOpenTerminal(), slotReadCHANGELOG(), slotReadINSTALL(), slotReadREADME(), slotSelectExecuteInstall(), slotSelectInstall(), slotSetInstallOption(), and toolbarAction.

Referenced by Kconfigure().


      KStdAction::open(this, SLOT( openURLnew() ), actionCollection());
      recentFiles = KStdAction::openRecent(this, SLOT ( openURL(const KURL &)), actionCollection());
      KStdAction::quit(this, SLOT( slotMenuQuit() ), actionCollection());

      actionStop =            new KAction(i18n("&Kill Process"), "stop", Key_Escape, this, SLOT( slotKillProcess() ), actionCollection(), "stop");
      actionStop -> setWhatsThis (i18n("This will stop the current action."));
      actionConfigure =       new KAction(i18n("&Configure"), "configureproject", 0, this, SLOT( slotExecuteConfigure() ), actionCollection(), "configure");
      actionConfigure -> setWhatsThis (i18n("This runs Configure on the project."));      
      actionConfigureHelp = new KAction(i18n("C&onfigure help"), 0, this, SLOT( slotExecuteConfigure_Help() ), actionCollection(), "configure_help");
      actionConfigureHelp -> setWhatsThis (i18n("This allows you to pick arguments from a list to pass to Configure."));      
      actionConfigureArg = new KAction(i18n("Configure with &arguments..."), 0, this, SLOT( slotExecuteConfigure_Args() ), actionCollection(), "configure_arg");
      actionConfigureArg -> setWhatsThis (i18n("This allows you to manually pass arguments to Configure."));      
      actionQmake =           new KAction(i18n("&Qmake"), "designer", 0, this, SLOT( slotExecuteQmake() ), actionCollection(), "qmake");
      actionQmake -> setWhatsThis (i18n("The runs Qmake."));
      actionQmakeArg =  new KAction(i18n("Qmake with ar&guments..."), 0, this, SLOT( slotExecuteQmake_Args() ), actionCollection(), "qmake_arg");
      actionQmakeArg -> setWhatsThis (i18n("This allows you to pass arguments to Qmake."));     
      actionMake =            new KAction(i18n("&Make"), "compile", Key_F8, this, SLOT( slotExecuteMake() ), actionCollection(), "make");
      actionMake -> setWhatsThis (i18n("This runs Make on the project."));    
      actionMakeClean =       new KAction(i18n("Make C&lean"), 0, this, SLOT( slotExecuteMake_Clean() ), actionCollection(), "make_clean");
      actionMakeClean -> setWhatsThis (i18n("The runs Make Clean on the project."));      
      actionMakeArg =   new KAction(i18n("Make with a&rguments"), 0, this, SLOT( slotExecuteMake_Args() ), actionCollection(), "make_arg");
      actionMakeArg -> setWhatsThis (i18n("This allows you to manually pass arguments to Make."));
      actionInstall =         new KAction(i18n("In&stall"), "install", Key_F9, this, SLOT( slotSelectExecuteInstall() ), actionCollection(), "install");
      actionInstall -> setWhatsThis (i18n("This runs the currently selected Install option.")); 
      actionInstallWhich =    new KSelectAction(i18n("Install &With"), 0, 0, this,  SLOT( slotSelectInstall() ), actionCollection(), "which_install");
      setActionMode( false, false );

      toolbarAction = KStdAction::showToolbar(this, SLOT( slotMenuToggleToolBar()), actionCollection());
      KStdAction::keyBindings       (this, SLOT( slotMenuConfigureKeys() ), actionCollection());
      KStdAction::configureToolbars (this, SLOT( slotMenuConfigureToolbar() ), actionCollection());
      KStdAction::preferences       (this, SLOT( slotMenuConfigure()), actionCollection());

      KAction *openTerm = new KAction(i18n("Open Terminal"), "openterm", Key_F4, this, SLOT( slotOpenTerminal() ),  actionCollection(), "open_terminal");
      openTerm -> setWhatsThis (i18n("Opens a Konsole session in the current build directory."));
      KAction *editClear = new KAction(i18n("&Clear main text"), "editclear", 0, this, SLOT( slotClearMain() ), actionCollection(), "cl_mai");
      editClear -> setWhatsThis (i18n("Clears the main text."));
      KAction *errorClear = new KAction(i18n("C&lear error text"), "errorclear", 0, this, SLOT( slotClearError() ), actionCollection(), "cl_err");
      errorClear -> setWhatsThis (i18n("Clears the error text."));
      KAction *eraser = new KAction(i18n("C&lear all text"), "eraser", 0, this, SLOT( slotClearAll() ), actionCollection(), "cl_all");
      eraser -> setWhatsThis (i18n("Clears all the text."));

      actionfilemenu_README = new KAction(i18n("view README"), "contents", 0, this, SLOT( slotReadREADME() ), actionCollection(), "README");
      actionfilemenu_README ->setEnabled( false );
      actionfilemenu_README -> setWhatsThis (i18n("View the README file."));
      actionfilemenu_INSTALL = new KAction(i18n("view INSTALL"), "contents", 0, this, SLOT( slotReadINSTALL() ), actionCollection(), "INSTALL");
      actionfilemenu_INSTALL ->setEnabled( false );
      actionfilemenu_INSTALL -> setWhatsThis (i18n("View the INSTALL file."));
      actionfilemenu_CHANGELOG = new KAction(i18n("view ChangeLog"), "contents", 0, this, SLOT( slotReadCHANGELOG() ), actionCollection(), "CHANGELOG");
      actionfilemenu_CHANGELOG ->setEnabled( false );
      actionfilemenu_CHANGELOG -> setWhatsThis (i18n("View the ChangeLog file."));

      filemenu_start_log = new KToggleAction( i18n("&Start log"), 0, this, SLOT( slotLogStart() ), actionCollection(), "start_log");
      filemenu_start_log -> setWhatsThis (i18n("Start the log."));
      KAction *viewLog = new KAction( i18n("&View current log"), 0, this, SLOT( slotLogView() ), actionCollection(), "view_log");
      viewLog -> setWhatsThis (i18n("View the current log."));
      KAction *logEraser = new KAction( i18n("&Clear current log"), "logeraser", 0, this, SLOT( slotLogClear() ), actionCollection(), "clear_log");
      logEraser -> setWhatsThis (i18n("Clear the current log."));
      KAction *logSave = new KAction( i18n("S&ave current log"), "filesave", 0, this, SLOT( slotLogSave() ), actionCollection(), "save_log");
      logSave -> setWhatsThis (i18n("Save the current log."));

      AnimatedLogo = new KonqLogoAction( i18n("Animated Logo"), 0, this, SLOT( slotKillProcess() ), actionCollection(), "animated_logo" );


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