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Kcpreferences Class Reference

#include <kcpreferences.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Preferences dialog

Javier Campos Morales

Robert Rockers

Definition at line 41 of file kcpreferences.h.

Public Member Functions

void configRead ()
void configWrite ()
 Kcpreferences (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=true)

Public Attributes

QString CheckInstall_Command
QString Comstom_Command
QString Decompress_Dir
QFont Fonts_Default
QFont Fonts_Error
bool Is_BackFiles
bool Is_Checkinstall
bool Is_Decompress
bool Is_DKPG
bool Is_ElfStrip
bool Is_Logged
bool Is_LogHTML
bool Is_LogInHome
bool Is_LogInSources
bool Is_RPM
bool Is_SLK
QString Log_Dir
int useInstall

Private Slots

void slotCheckInstallCheck ()
void slotDirCompressCheck ()
void slotLogCheck ()
void slotOk ()

Private Member Functions

void readConfigDialog ()
void setConfigDialog ()
void setPage_CheckInstall ()
void setPage_Font ()
void setPage_Misc ()

Private Attributes

QCheckBox * backup_yes
QCheckBox * checkinstall_yes
QCheckBox * compress_dir
QLineEdit * customOptions
QRadioButton * DKPGradio
QCheckBox * Elfstrip_yes
KFontChooser * font_error
KFontChooser * font_main
KURLRequester * kurlcheckinstall
KURLRequester * kurlcompress
KURLRequester * kurlrequest
QCheckBox * logs_html
QRadioButton * logs_personal
QRadioButton * logs_sources
QCheckBox * logs_start
QRadioButton * RPMradio
QRadioButton * SLKradio
QLabel * textLabel1

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